JEEP SAFARI Sri Lanka has many National Parks giving sanctuary to an abundance of species of fauna and flora over the small island. Safaris in Sri Lanka provide you with an excellent insight into the wildlife, scenery and culture of Sri Lanka. Whilst on safari we should be lucky enough to see lots of animals- Elephant, Water Buffalo, Deer, Sambhur, Peacock and various birds. It must be a memorable adventure for you.

We offer safaris to four destinations, Kaulluda National Park/Minneriya National Park/Hurulu Eco Park at Habarana/Watsugamuwa National Park, and provide jeep hire, driver and pick up service in our price. Prices are realistic with no hidden costs and not changed by season and time. By direct ordering to us via internet, you can cut the margin costs through travel agencies. Besides, we owns privately safari park near by the Parakrama Samudra, a huge artificial lake in Polonnaruwa, you can also enjoy safari without crowded jeep lines. However we never cut commitment to quality. We offer a good price with good value. Prices / Terms and Conditions * Half price for children (Between 6-12 Years).
* 0 US$ price for children (Between 0-6 Years).
* Maximum capacity per jeep is 6 people without driver.
* We Should Get Off Befor 6.30 pm From The Park.
* Do Not Smoke in the Park.
* National Parks Entrance fee are change without notice.

Note: Our safari tour prices DO NOT INCLUDE National Park entrance fee. We request guests to pay national park entrance fee by themselves at the park. We take you to the park ticket office at the entrance. Please refer to the entrance fee above.
Park Name Price per jeep Entrance Fee per person
Minneriya National Park 25 US$ 18 US$ + Tax (Foriegn)
Kaudulla National Park 30 US$ 12 US$ + Tax (Foriegn)
Hurulu Eco Park 24 US$ 9 US$ + Tax (Foriegn)
Minneriya National Park 25 US$ 60 Rs + Tax (Local)
Kaudulla National Park 30 US$ 60 Rs + Tax (Local)

Starting Time Elephant’s activity time is from evening to early morning. The evening safari is the highest possibility to encounter elephants. We recommend you it the best. However, if you don’t have time, you can also try Morning Safari or Night Safari. Anyway each safari may show you various jungle faces. (Refer to Best time to go)

Evening Safari starts at after 1.0 pm , finish at Before 6.30pm(3hrs) 
Morning Safari starts at Before 5.00am, finish at 8.00am(3hrs)

Meeting Point
Our price include pick up service. We pick you up at your staying hotel/guest house/ any area of Habarana at above starting time and get you back to same place after tours. This service applies only to accommodations located in Habarana area. If you would like to make you drop at the next destination out of Habarana. We can do with extra charge. Please ask us in advance. Jeep Safari Booking Book Now